Body & Soul Consort

October 2020 news : Body & Soul Consort has recorded its first album during a residency at Cité de la Voix in Vézelay…
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Album to be released in Spring 2021

Ellen Giacone, voice & artistic direction / Srdjan Berdovic, archlute and composing /
Krzysztof Lewandowski, cornetto and bass guitar
Adrien Alix, viola da gamba and double bass / Srdjan Ivanovic, percussions

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Body & Soul Consort, a quintet dedicated to jazz and baroque

Born from the meeting of musicians from rich and varied backgrounds, Body & Soul Consort is willing to create bridges between two musical languages that have a lot in common, even if they are separated by more than three centuries : baroque and jazz.

The founding idea of Body & Soul Consort is to blur stylistic barriers by mingling the features of jazz and baroque chosing among a repertoire from both styles. Through intimate and warm sonorities of ancient instruments (cornetto, archlute, viola da gamba, double bass), coulourful rhythmics and a jazzy-lyrical vocality, but also innovative arrangements and compositions, the band explores new ways to interpret and improvise on these repertoires.

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Video extracts from our concert at Maison Heinrich Heine, Paris (November 2019)